Because the Internet


"Because the Internet" is the last album of Childish Gambino.
We didn’t know this facet of Donald Glover, but apparently, this guy is full of surprises. We met him on the famous TV Comedy Serie “Community” as Troy Barnes, and now he is also a rapper. (Maybe we are ignorants). So yes, Childish Gambino (Pseudonym), has done his best album til today.

We heard him for the first time with the single 3005 (Don’t matter what you say or what you do…) and it was awesome. He came out of “nowhere” and was able to make a song with this quality, so we decided to download his album and have a look.
"Because the internet" is a really good hip-hop album. It contains 19 songs with some colaborations as Jhene Aiko on "Pink Toes", or Azealia Banks on "The oldest computer". After hearing and
analyzing his style of music (for us with many similarities to OFWGKTA) we really think this album is the start of something bigger.

Here you are the tracklist. Special mention to the songs in bold:

01. The Library (Intro)
02. I. Crawl
03. II. Worldstar
04. Dial Up
05. I. The worst guys (feat. Chance the Rapper)
06. II. Shadows
07. III. Telegraph ave. (“Oakland” by Lloyd)
08. IV. Sweatpants
09. V. 3005
10. Playing Around Before the Party Starts
11. I. The Party
12. II. No exit
13. Death By Numbers
14. I. Flight of the Navigator
15. II. Zealots of stockholm (free information)
16. III. Urn
17. I. Pink toes (feat. Jhene Aiko)
18. II. Earth: The oldest computer (The last night) [feat. Azealia Banks]
19. Life: The biggest troll (Andrew Auernheimer)

Check out the official “Or Nah” video. One of the most important tracks of Ty Dolla $ign with the colaboration of Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd.